BM-21 Grad seized by Ukrainian army

The rocket launcher BM-21 Grad was originally developed in 1960s in Soviet Union and during Cold war was exported to almost all countries of Warsaw Pact. In former Soviet states like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or Georgia are these weapons still in service. This Grad was on June 13th,2014 seized by Ukrainian army in the Donetsk region. Due the Ukrainians, the vehicle contained Russian-made ammunition – this BM-21 belonged to Russian 18th Motorized Infantry Brigade attached to the 58th Southern District of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation based in Chechnya.  As a prove of Russian presence in eastern Ukraine is this vehicle today exhibited in Kiev war museum. As I visited the museum during January, the majority of exhibits were under the snow.DSCN1131DSCN1133DSCN1134DSCN1137DSCN1140dscn1138.jpg

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