“Hitler´s highway” Vienna–Wrocław

Randomly looking objects in the Austrian, Czech and Polish countryside are remaining the huge project from the end of 1930s. In the autumn 1938 came the Nazi Germans with plan of the highway which would connect two important centers of Third Reich – Wien (today Austria) and Breslau (today Poland).  The whole 320 kilometers should be under the control of Germany although about 83 km was located on the area of Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovak citizens were allowed to use the highway just with passports. After the occupation of the country was this problem solved.

The building of the highway started in April 1939 by the Reichsautobahn company and due the plan should be main parts finished at the end of 1940. But because of huge war costs got the works slower than expected and in 1942 was the project stopped and postponed to afterwar era. As Germany lost the war, the highway was never finished and the already built parts fell into disrepair.

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